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3rd race - well done and still leading!

A great Easter holiday!

A bid less wind than yesterday, absolutely no problems on Mary Rose and second place in the Vintage Class B!

Only Aventures could beat us today, but in overall Mary Rose is leading by 5 points in front of Coral of Cowes. Thats the only yacht which could win instead of us if she would be first in the last race tomorrow and Mary Rose would be disqualified... See the results

So Geri and all of his crew a very happy and finished the day on the sea with the traditional parade through English Harbor...


2nd race - Mary Rose 1st again!
Victory in the 4th race!

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andreas on Sunday, 20 April 2014 21:49

congrats! :)
..nice pics again! keep going

congrats! :) ..nice pics again! keep going