Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 2014

With the best result ever, Gerald Rainer and his very experienced crew show off the enormous potential of Mary Rose. But in this case, the regatta has an ill-fated start as the skipper arrives in Antigua greatly inhibited by a bad cold.

It was most likely a virus caught on the plane that hit Geri so hard. Many weeks before, he had been so happy at his choice of crew, making sure there would be perfect harmony on board. With Christian Feichtinger and Franz Lackerbauer two "newbies" on board, "seasoned Traunseers", successful racers, and friends of Geri since his youth. Also included again is Alan Brook, an invaluable support for Geri at the helm, with his brilliant chess-like tactical moves. At the countdown before each start, he makes sure that Mary Rose is the first clear over the start line.


Even before the four races have begun, there is already a first award for Mary Rose: in the Concours d'Elegance, the schooner scores high in her immaculately restored original condition and with her stylish manicured elegance below deck - and takes second place in the Vintage Class category.

After three races Mary Rose leads the Vintage Class B; victory at the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta is now within reach! Unless, in what would be a highly unlikely situation---- , Mary Rose places last in the fourth race. Geri and the crew are determined to sail a perfect race and this last race turns into a masterpiece! On the old boat there is no letting up, she is sailed for maximum boat speed. After rounding the first two buoys Mary Rose lies in third place and rounds up to the windward leg under the guidance of the brilliant British tactician Alan. Alan leads Geri to sail further into the coast than the other schooners ahead, even though these are not direct competitors of the Mary Rose and are classified as significantly faster in the ratings. After several tacks, all goes according to plan and Mary Rose takes the lead. In the final two legs there is much excitement once again, as the faster boat Juno is getting closer! But Geri manages his Mary Rose sensitively and confidently retaining the lead. Mary Rose is the first schooner over the finish line!

With three firsts and a second place Mary Rose wins the Vintage Class B. This victory at the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 2014 also means the best result of all time for Geri and his crew on Mary Rose. This will be hard to beat! But there are considerations already being made that could make 2015 even more successful and we can look forward to and exciting ACYR 2105!