Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 2013

The Caribbean climate fulfilled all expectations of the participants, wind gusts up to 38 knots put all teams and the already aged material under highest strain. Also on Mary Rose, built in 1926 …

Because of the stomy gusts the main sail was reefed. Whith ever increasing wind strength the Fisherman became obsolete and had to come down. All had to happen very fast in order to avoid the unexpected freak wave catching the crew by surprise. Except for a couple of small things everything on board of Mary Rose worked well, team and ship remained free of damage. The  team performed in such an outstanding manner that one could think that not friends and family but a professional race crew was on board.

To be on the safe side Mary Rose started only with 4 sails up in the last race which turned out to become a matchrace against Adventuress, built in 1924 by William Fife in Scotland. During the 2nd World War she was used for patrol journeys by the German navy. Her extensive restoration was completed in the previous year. At first the tactician on Mary Rose succeeded with some perfect maneuvers. Sailing closer to the shore Mary Rose gained a considerable lead. But on the downwind legs Adventuress played her cards right and took off.

Finally the matchrace between Mary Rose and Adventuress turned again back into a gentleman’s race: At the crew dinner of Mary Rose skipper and tacticians of Adventuress appeared and apologized to Gerald Rainer for the rough going of the last days with a bottle of champagne … The yachtsman world is OK in Antigua – and everyone already looks forward to the Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 2014.