Antigua Classic Yacht Regatta 2012

Another meeting of the world best and most beautiful classic yachts follows in 2012. Classics, built before 1945 and vintage yachts, designed before 1938, meet again for 4 days of competitive sailing. And it happened 2012 that Geri tied Mr. Americas Cup on a handicap basis...

Mary Rose wins the „Concours d’Elegance“ as a starter.

The crews enthusiasm is unbroken. Why that? Maybe it is the many „Dark n' Stormy" and "Espresso Martinis"? Both drinks are totally accepted doping drinks served at the Skullduggery Cafe at the Antigua Yacht Club Marina. If anyone ever looked for a Mary Rose crew member after the races and before the dinner, that was the place to find them. Winning - was it not the result of the perfect guidance of our tactician Alan? Or was it the perfect weather with sunshine and 4 - 6 Beaufort? Everybody is happy to see 11.2 kts top speed, each crew member claims the honors. Geri drives Mary Rose through the waters like a genius, feels any twist in wind direction and turns the bow into the optimal direction before the squall hits the sails. Asked to give the speech at the captains dinner, Alan Brook honors Mary Rose with the words: "Mary Rose is the Stradivari of the classic yacht community, and a person who knows how to sail her is rare".

And again, Mary Rose wins against the worlds best Vintage Class C. Ex aequo with Mariella and Dorade, two classic titans.

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