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Mary Rose liked to spend her summers in New England, preferably in Maine, the reasons being refit work and the endeavor to evade the Hurricane season.

Geri and his friends experienced fascinating cruises out of Camden / Maine, notwithstanding sometimes inhospitable weather conditions in New England. Leaving the romantic schooner harbor of Camden, crystal clear waters and sunshine tempt the novice, however the water temperature would kill any person within 20 minutes. However even if Geri tries the waters for a minute a day, guests are recommended long underwear and warming fleece jackets.

Guests are at awe, especially at dawn, when the rising sun starts drying up the dew on deck and the mist starts clearing, opening up a stage of fairy like island paradise. A steaming coffee pot in hand, the eyes fixed on a white headed bald eagle, a seal eyeing the clean topsides, all these impressions only postpone the study of charts, bays and coves, among which Somes Sound should be mentioned which reminds us of Norway.

Our journey is constantly accompanied by the ring of bells, unmistakable signals to protect us from hidden dangers. Our course equals a challenging slalom, finding the optimum course between the thousands of colorful wooden lobster markers, which cover the waters like "M&Ms" strewn from heaven. The lobstering is a true industry, and the retail centers are much coveted landing zones for Mary Rose and her crew. Fresh lobster is served with chips to the adventures. Wine, beer, plates and glasses to be brought by the curious. Highlight of any Maine cruise is the passage through the Eggemoggin Reach, passing under the Deer Island bridge. With a clearance of 87 ft at mid tide, she is a definite obstacle for large yachts. Geri loves to scare his guest by approaching this steel monster, and passing under it with a foot to spare. Needless to say: there is a secret to this maneuver - it took Geri 6 years to master this passage. He was scared as ....