The last schooner

The true connoisseurs of classic and vintage yachts get dreamy eyes whenever the name "Herreshoff" is mentioned. Nathaniel Greene Herreshoff was the most famous and successful yacht designer in the history of the Americas Cup. He built five winning sailing yachts between 1893 and 1920, winning six Cups and revolutionizing the then prevailing design concepts. He put all his bets on huge sail areas which resulted in enormous overhangs on bow and stern. Around 2000 yachts of highest quality were designed and built at the Herreshoff Manufacturing Company of Bristol, R.I., often compared to the Rolls Royce manufacturing establishment. Who would have thought that the schooner production series of "Captain Nat" would culminate in the staysail schooner Mary Rose


1975: Due to a devastating fire Mary Rose’s interior was destroyed and had to be reconstructed to original plans.