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Drawback before​ first race day

On Thursday, one day before the first race leg, we where out with Mary Rose. 
Wind was decent, the swell calm but after putting up the fisherman (5th sail between main and secondary mast) the 91 year old metal foundation for the front mast collapsed down within the ships hull.
As a result the mast came down for approximately 20 to 30cm.
A very dangerous situation since all shrouds got loose which could break the mast having the sails pressure on.
Luckily Geri was reacting fast, steering Mary Rose into the wind and the whole deck crew was getting down all sails in record time.
Today (Friday) Mary Rose is at the dock waiting for the crain to lift the mast and a newly constructed / welded foot plate for the mast should also be ready.
This means we will definitely miss the first race but we will be back!!
..Stay tuned!

Last preparations ongoing
Repairs going fine


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